Chor lyrics 3AMSUKHI FT. HAJI SPRINGER ( J hind diss)


3amSukhi lyrics:
We smoke j’s then we put em in the ashtray
My dudes’s hungry and you lookin like the last plate
Yea You a mutha fuckin roach nigga
Heard your new style man you sound like roach killa
Step aside you already had your time
You ain’t a king you a muthafuckin scribe
You ain’t a leader man you more like half a pint
Of the cheapest desi alcohol that anyone can find huh
You gon get beat up when I see you it’s on sight you can call who want but they ain’t gon have no time huh
Yea man that J stands for jealousy
You’ve been hating ever since we stepped on the scene
Yea Always knew you’d be my enemy
Fake ass gangsta now you out here makin fuckin memes
You kdm or you 2 far off
Next I see you imma make sure that your
tooth fall off
You went to Houston and got chased out by Bali
Ran away and took the first flight back to Cali
Such a shame cause now you can’t come to the bay
He be hidin but I’ma find em down in LA
Always knew that he was fake that he was fake
Found out that one night you shook Shaxe
Left him in the lobby he got tased n arrested
That’s how you do your best friend for some pussy man you left him
That’s why you not respected, temptation got you reckless
It don’t even matter Imma whoop him when I catch him
What’s up who all want some
West coast I’ma boss up
What’s up who all want some
West coast I’ma boss up
You a stupid mutha fucka
Trying to get clout like who’s this mutha fucka
You really getting twerked
You the only one to ever paid j hind for a verse
Your style is out dated
You sound like a version of Boh that never made it
Imma leave ya body leaking
& this time you can’t say Pardhaan is the reason
Heard you over stayed your visa
Man over played ya hand
Now it’s over when I pull up in that rover
looking grand
Got damn my bad you a fan
I’ma make sure that you packing back to p p packing back to

Haji lyrics: 

A yo J stfu boy, 
talkin bout me like you know me you done fucked up boy,
 jab bhi milta tha saale tu toh bolta tha bhai mujhe
 abh samaj ayi ke sirf chahiye ladai tujhe,
 bohot gamand hai par bete tere level nai, 
aine me shakal jah ke dekh bol tu devil nai
 sab ko pata teri jalti hai, 
par ye to meri nai saale ye teri galti hai,
 lodhe tu toh weak bangaya, 
desi rap ka mai drake tu toh meek bangaya haan, 
aur kdm mixtape banayi meine boh ke saath, tu toh konne mein sadh raha tha saale dhokebaaz, 
ha nikla tu toh failure,
 bhool gaya jabh boh tujhe na le gaya australia,
 phone tera aya tha, ha meine uthaya tha, gussa tujhe aya tha kyu ke boss tera gayab tha,
 like “haji i dont even know bohemia is anymore” haha wait bitch i got plenty more,
 desi rap ke liye to kalank hai,
 kutte saale badhak te mein leke aaonga ga sadak pe,
 haa mr sharma, 
kha jaaonga tujhe jaise chicken shawarma. BSDK.

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