Noxious D 100 bars lyrics

100 Bars – Noxious D Lyrics

This song titled 100 Bars is sung by Noxius D and music produced By Doriam X. So in this aricle you will give lyrics of this post.

Singer Noxious D
Singer Noxious D
Music Dorian X
Song Writer Noxious D
You ain’t never danced with the devil, I never checked for no plus one
‌From the point of no return, I came back with my soul firm
‌So whoever say they the devil with the flow, and write in blood with their pen
‌I Make y’all see jay (CJ) *hova*, “ah shit, here we go again”
‌I see the skeletons in your closet, i have a bone to pick
‌Keep talking with that d**k in your mouth, ill put a sock in it
‌Just for gags, I offend you mocking sensitive topics
‌There’s an elephant in the room, said the sensitive comic
‌6’3 motherf**ker, never sell myself short
‌Deadbeat motherf**ker, make you kill yourself off
‌I never run out of bars, its like I’m caught in a jail cell
‌25 to life, but you’ll never see me behave well
‌I’m sentenced for life, bit that too just to make a statement
‌I don’t beef for no profit, man I bring home the bacon
‌I body positively, who talks body positivity
‌If you ran the miles you talked, you probably could have fit them skinny jeans
‌Yeah whatever, if I shred I’ll look way better
‌Nah b***h, its like HHB said, you would just weigh better
‌I’m the kind to get your feelings hurt, that’s my mortifying mission
‌Make y’all b***h like Billie Eilish, have you glorify depression
‌Don’t doubt the power, everybody wants to be the villain
‌Till the hero snaps and everything’s normal, reverse killing
‌I won’t worry about your burial, I got KavE working the graveyard shift.
‌If he dies, he dies, i even (Ivan) got your blood rushing (Russian), shit
‌The summers hot for your music, made you get a rain check
‌When it rains, it pours, your only response was “save self”
‌I mean I killed your song better, that made you feel bitter
‌Guess its true what they say, life gives you lemons, you bite better
‌Every bar is a punch so if you say it lacks the ring
‌I pop the question, even though I’m still married to the game
‌But I’m so honest, i don’t even have to hide the “H” in it
‌Got jealousy oozing out? Why don’t you get the “L” prefixed?
‌Get it? Jealousy? Oozing out? L prefixed?
‌You losing motherf**ker why don’t you get back to basics huh?
‌So tell me, why are all you gully kids silent?
‌One backlash and you quiet,
‌I see your integrity dying
‌So your crew’s the best thing to happen to rap?
‌Birds of the same feather flock together, count the feathers in my cap
‌Let me dumb it down, you got the birds eye view?
‌I got my eyes to the grind, you forgot my third eye dude
‌You gassed up, you adding fuel to the fire of my statement
‌How you true to the art, when your ink is incorporated
‌I’m a fire hazard, ill have your whole crew incarcerated
‌Most of y’all’s fathers abusive, a topic I’d like debated
‌You don’t want the secrets out, mum’s not the word to be played with
‌But f**k it, since you wanna play b***h
‌you gon’ be the butt of all jokes, that’s an asscrack, match that
‌but what’s a shroud to a dead man?
‌so you made it to the TV, you cant channel your thoughts
‌when i have you on track is with your head on them parallel bars
‌I mean, how can we be on the same track, we express different
‌while You’re running local, I’m still running the nation
‌So when sticks and stones break your bones don’t mean you’re going for the win
‌A snake has to go through the rocks just to shed its own skin
‌How you a seasoned MC if you can’t muster the balls to talk
‌Fickle as pea, on slash, now your balls is dropping off
‌See all my rhyme schemes are villainous
‌Keep running your mouth, i let my hand talk like a ventriloquist
‌This your f**king pilgrimage, but how you gon’ run to the top floor?
‌Sky’s the limit? Par kya hai dharti aur aakash, kare shrishti ka nirmaand Jo
‌To jaan lo
‌boht billa shot diyele, kya bolreli publik
‌That’s how labels bend you over like turkey on thanks giving
‌F**k your hood mentality, let’s talk about prospects
‌F**k being on a project, you ain’t even from the projects
‌we all know the picture that you painted was false
‌I’m back to take what’s mine, im back on that drawing board
‌F**k idioms, you idiots can’t even fathom the truth
‌Y’all rat out to good music, pied piper with the flute
‌The master of my vessel, fuck is you yelling for
‌You ride the wave as it comes, too much time on that surfing board
‌your flows interrupted , PCOD
‌Only be missed when you OD
‌The last man to be picked in your own team
‌Have your body turn purple, you bloating
‌F**king imbicile, you touch nothing until and unless my will is
‌always seen in a bad light, Like an ex girlfriend defining your image
‌my bars too heavy, that’s why they always falling on deaf ears
‌like rappers who wanna make it and say that its their year
‌MC’s too sensitive, i wont take this shit at all
‌egos fragile as cutleries, feel like bull in a China shop
‌B*****s talk about mental health
‌Then keep their guys at the pedestal
‌A life without purpose
‌motherf**kers search for reasons to rebel things
‌i have a death wish, got a lot of blood stains on my shirt
‌Ill go out with a bang like I created the universe
‌I keep snapping like im at a slam poetry gig
‌Then i slam poets tell em what slam poetry is
‌check it,
‌johnny Jonny, yes Dada
‌Eating sugar, no Dada
‌sniffing a line, im going para
‌Open your eyes, pa pa pa
‌This mans not hot, what’s with the cold shoulder my guy
‌Lost all the shooters like he got vasectomy tried
‌Bruh, this shit way too funny, just decide your direction
‌See you on the streets while your body’s splattered in sections
‌Pass the mic, this is sacraligious, it’s a different ball game
‌But since you got daddy issues, father won’t forgive you for your sins
‌your pen lost its ink way back, your writtens are just embossed in blank
‌you talk through your hat like in harry potter, give you the wrong house just to get back
‌Don’t ask (Why) x2
‌Mother f**ker i just told you don’t ask why
‌Hip hop in India ain’t never been better, f**k is you talking about
‌You account for popularity so popularity accounts for your clout
‌come talk that shit to my face, but your point blank b***h
‌You the man, i heard you boy, but why you gotta exclaim that shit
‌you gotta learn to relax a bit
‌Take a bit of fucking laxative
‌Or maybe you should just umm… Stop to spit
‌This my final nail in the coffin,
‌I’m here to box this b***h
‌going back to the future, look at all that i created
‌could have ended at 98, i always keep it a 100, Noxious

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