Naseeb lyrics MOB D

Indian rapper MOB D drop another song titled Naseeb on his youtube channel and other music streaming platform. Here you will get MOB D Naseeb lyrics MOB D.

The song Naseeb is written by MOB D and music produced by Maven Music.

In this post you will get Naseeb MOB D lyrics.

You can read lyrics with playing Naseeb Song Music Video.

MOB D Naseeb lyrics

lyrics updating soon keep refreshing.


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MOB D Naseeb song lyrics
Naseeb lyrics MOB D

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Naseeb Song Details and Credits

RapperMOB D
Music byMaven Music
Written byMOB D
Naseeb song Credits

FAQ about Naseeb Songs

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers related to Naseeb song.

Q1. Who sing the Naseeb Song?

MOB D sing the Naseeb song.

Q2. Who write lyrics of Naseeb song?


Q3. Who produced the music of Naseeb song?

Maven Music

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