Yabi Dami Lyrics Sarkar

Nepali rapper YABI drop another song titled Daami featuring Sarkaar on his youtube channel and other music streaming platform. Here you will get YABI Daami lyrics YABI.

The song Daami is written by YABI and Sarkaar and music produced by bbeck.

In this post you will get Daami YABI lyrics or Daami lyrics YABI or Daami Sarkaar lyrics or Sarkaar Daami lyrics Sarkaar .

You can read lyrics with playing Daami Song Music Video

Daami lyrics YABI

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YABI Daami  lyrics Sarkaar
Daami lyrics YABI

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Daami Song Details and Credits

RapperYABI and Sarkaar
Music bybbeck
Written byYABI and Sarkaar
Daami song Credits

FAQ about Daami Songs

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers related to Daami song.

Q1. Who sing the Daami Song?

YABI and Sarkaar sing the Daami song.

Q2. Who write lyrics of Daami song?

YABI and Sarkaar

Q3. Who produced the music of Daami song?


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