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Fotty Seven All Songs List

This article provides a complete list of all the songs, albums, and EPs that have been released by the well-known music artist, Fotty Seven.

Fotty Seven All Songs

  1. You Know The Drill
  2. Kya Haal Hai Bro?
  3. Banjo
  4. Tu Hai Kaun
  5. Angad
  6. Sehwag
  7. Abey Yaar
  8. Kya Hai
  9. Sahi Sahi Sahi
  10. Chaud
  11. Zero Fark
  12. Theek Hoon Main
  13. Swaha
  14. Gooda
  15. Galat Launda
  16. Haan Bhai
  17. Chal Nikal
  18. Pagal Hai Kya
  19. Toh Aaja Na
  20. Khatam Karo
  21. Zindagi Jhand Hai
  22. Koi Baat Nahi
  23. Meri Bhi Sunn Lo
  24. Papa
  25. Kho Gaya Hoon

Fotty Seven All Album List:

  1. Khatarnaak (2019)
  2. Bangistan (2020)
  3. 777 (2021)

Fotty Seven All EPs List:

  1. Baap Se (2019)
  2. 21vi Sadi (2020)

“I hope you enjoy browsing the complete list of Fotty Seven’s songs, and be sure to check out other rapper’s song lists as well.”

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