How to make Hip Hop Beat From Mobile Phone

In this tutorial post you will learn how to make hip-hop beats from your mobile phone.


“Practice & interest makes an art perfect”
If you’re looking for making music or rap beats in your mobile phone, you just need to stop here. Making beats is not that complicated process which you have to face in pc or any other device except phone.


“A phone, Bandlab and a little interest.”

You just need your phone to be charged. Download an application called ‘Bandlab’ from play store.



Open Bandlab first. Then press the plus icon from bottom to middle. Then press the ‘Open studio’ (an icon in red color). To make a beat you need to create a melody first. Press the plus icon in the left side of the screen. Press the ‘Bandlab sounds’. Go to ‘loops’. Select any kind of melody. I would prefer to choose keyboard because we usually create melodies by keyboards. Choose any of them. Then bandlab will automatically create a track with the loop.
Now you’re ready with a melody of your beat.


Now you need to create a hi-hat pattern synced with the melody loop. Again press the plus icon and choose the vertial instruments. Then choose the ‘Drumpad’. Find 808 in the drum pad. Find the hi-hat from the instruments. And then go to the drum sheet and create a hi-hat pattern.

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Now you need to create a clap pattern which should be synced with the hi-hat pattern. Go to vertual instruments, then choose drum pad and then find the option ‘Trap’. Find the clap from the instruments and then open the drum sheet. Create your own clap pattern syncing with the previous one.


Open the virtual instruments then drum pad and then find future trap. Find your kick from the other instruments. Open the drum sheet and then create kick patterns.


Same as previous steps. After choosing the future trap find the snare from other instruments. Open drum sheet and create your own snare pattern syncing with the kick.


Now adjust each and every pattern one by one. That’s it. Congratulations you have your own beat produced by yourself.
Though I’ll give a demo beat produced by me. Here is the link. You can check those patterns although.

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