Hasan Raheem Nazro lyrics

Pakistani rapper Hasan Raheem drop another track titled Nazro on his youtube channel and other music streaming platform. Here you will get Hasan Raheem Nazro lyrics Hasan Raheem.

The song Nazro is written by Hasan Raheem and music produced by Abdullah Kasumbi.

In this post you will get Nazro Hasan Raheem lyrics or Nazro lyrics Hasan Raheem.

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Nazro lyrics Hasan Raheem

Realme for the masses
Young players never mask it
All i really wanna ask is do
You want a king in a casket

Samjhlo kay ye aik sign
Times’s here for you to shine
Trendy meray ye designs
Goals sarey ye aligned

Main aoun full speed that
You’ll be getting in need
Am i the reason why all of you
Are refreshin your feeds

Baad main sawaal paochain
Cheezain mujhay abhi soojee
Na chalein teray idhar parchay
Desi londa main nai boujee

Kiya apney liye never did it for the clout
Hoshiyaari na dikhana i was once a scout
Ab ye larkay sarey chahtey lena mera route
Sai say bharun inki plaitain then i’m out.

With a Narzo in my bagpack
Feelings overboard i can’t let you cash that
Main aoun full speed thats what you need right

Classy cant leave my hands empty
Sick flows meray get you off the seats
Zamana sun raha hai ab
Stay close peeps you’re in for a treat


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Hasan Raheem Nazro song lyrics
Nazro lyrics Hasan Raheem

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Nazro Song Details and Credits

RapperHasan Raheem
Music byAbdullah Kasumbi
Written byHasan Raheem
Nazro song Credits

FAQ about Nazro Songs

Who sing the Nazro Song?

Hasan Raheem sing the Nazro song.

Who write lyrics of Nazro song?

Hasan Raheem

Who produced the music of Nazro song?

Abdullah Kasumbi

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