Two Tone Lyrics Talha Anjum

In this post, you will get Two tone Talha Anjum lyrics. Here you will get Talha Anjum Two tone lyrics.

Hiphop rapper Talha Anjum release another song titled Two tone on his youtube channel and other music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

The song Two tone is written by Talha Anjum and the music is produced by Umair.

Talha Anjum Two tone song lyrics
Two tone lyrics Talha Anjum

Talha Anjum Two tone lyrics

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Two tone Talha Anjum lyrics detail

Following are the details of Two tone song in table.

SongTwo tone
RapperTalha Anjum
Music byUmair
Written byTalha Anjum
Two tone song Credits

You can read lyrics with playing Two tone Song Music Video.

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FAQ about Two tone Songs

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers related to Two tone song.

Q1. Who is the rapper of Two tone song?

Talha Anjum sings the Two tone song.

Q2. Who is the writer of the Two tone song?

Talha Anjum

Q3. Who is the music producer of the Two tone song?


Q4. Who did the mix-master of this song?


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