Arya Banerjee urf Arya Bantai | Age, Early Life, Career and Biography

Arya Bantai, better known by his stage name Arya Banerjee, is an Indian rapper, songwriter, stand-up comedian, host and tech producer. He started his career as a host on YouTube through Technical Hex in 2017.

He started his career with rap in 2020.

Her debut album was his inspiration’s birthday gift on November 13, titled ‘Emiway‘.

Biography of a Freelance Artist:

 (9 April 1999) Arya Banerjee was born in West Bengal (Purulia).

He is a middle-class village boy, his village name is Ladhurka. Aryans belong to the Brahmin family. His father’s name is Arup Banerjee and his mother’s name is Anubha Banerjee.

He used to entertain people from a very young age, many people used to laugh at him but still he did not listen to anyone. Wherever he went, everyone loved to hear the mimicry of different actors from him, it’s not just a voice to show everyone even by imitating full body posture. Arya’s favorite actor is ‘SRK’ and his favorite comedian is ‘Kapil Sharma’ but he himself did not know that he would become a rapper one day, he had heard rap before but since 2018 his craziness towards rap is day by day. Growing up This time they became ‘Bantai’ lovers, and then they started writing.

Being the son of a middle-class family, he took up a banking job to continue his passion. When he first published his rap, he quit his job after releasing this album due to time constraints. .

And again he realized that his career required a lot of money, so he looked at the rap charts once a year. Due to lack of job, he could not understand what to do next as he was very depressed. After that he hardened his mind and tried to keep his job by earning money in return for his hard work. Even though everyone was having fun with him this time, he never looked back, because he knew he could.

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After that in 2021 he composed another tribute song for his inspiration,

The album was titled ‘Eklavya’ and it has also been dropped on November 13, the birthday of ‘Emiway Bantai’, as a gift.

During this he changed his hairstyle for the album. Arya has also played a nude role in this album.

#street . representation of

Only those who are true fans of ‘Emiway Bantai’ can understand or say why Arya was naked there.

Arya tries to improve his lifestyle and his art day by day. With long beard hair he looks like a ‘bantai’,

So some people called him ‘Arya Bantai’ or ‘Little Bantai’ when he was acting, everyone on social media was confused with his lip sync.

Hope everyone knows how fast Emiway’s songs are, by memorizing the songs she would perform perfectly in a single adaptation, even without a single live camera cut.

His fans used to edit pictures of them and leave them on fan pages to compare the similarities between the two.

This time many covers and short videos of Arya Banerjee would have gone viral.

The public of Bantai would have liked to see Bantai’s song with Arya’s acting, Arya would request through DM-message and mail as soon as the original song was released.

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