Tuesday, November 28, 2023

This Indian Trap Song is for all the thoughts of a Heartbroken Boy

Deepanshu Rishi has released his new song to cater words and music to all the various thoughts inside a heartbroken boy’s mind and it was released on 21st November 2022.

Stream ‘Rose’ here: Deepanshu Rishi – Rose (Gate Link)

The song ‘Rose’ tells how Love is a Rose, its fragrance is there, but once the petals fly away, only thorns remain in your hand. The 1st part of the song shows emotional heartbreak feelings on a trap beat. The 2nd part switches to an aggressive heartbreak theme on a hard beat. The song has 2 breaks & a beat drop with lead Indian sounds. This is Deepanshu Rishi’s first solo original song. The song is majorly in the Hindi language and is already been loved locally among his Instagram audience and his real-life supporters. People listen to unreleased snippets before they sleep just because they love the vibe of it. The song has been written, produced, rapped, and mixed by Deepanshu Rishi himself.

The song is on the lips of a lot of people already and has been according to Spotify stats, the song has 4.4 streams per listener on average. The song’s streams in the first 24 hours of its release were more than 250 on Spotify.

“It’s a vibe for car drives, WALKS, and Flats Clubs’ new background music.” – RJ Aadi from Radio Orange FM (@i_rj_aadi)

“No need of a music video, just drop the audio and the audience will go mad actually (translated from the Hindi language)” – Dizlaw(@thedizlaw)

“This deserves to be on mint India. This song and these lyrics can easily be in an upcoming Bollywood movie. This is what the market needs. (

translated from the Hindi language)” – DJ Skage (@djskage_)

Song Name: Rose

Artist: Deepanshu Rishi

Genre: Trap

Deepanshu Rishi, a charming personality, is an all-round music artist who writes, produces, sings, and mixes his art using his flavors and providing an eargasmic experience to his listeners. As an Indian artist born and brought up in Punjab, Deep loves introducing Indian flavors to his songs and blending the musical ingredients in a way of his own, defying the rules and providing something fresh for the ears. Skilled as a multi-genre artist, he serves his listeners with a versatile experience and aims to put out music acting as a close friend to its listeners.

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