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Aditya Balram, a young rapper from Purnia, told Local 18 that he has been singing many types of rap songs and album songs for the last 5 years. But the rap song sung to make voters aware is being liked by the people. His rap song has also been liked by the Bihar Election Commission. I was called to Patna for the shooting of this rap song.

This rap song was to make the youth and voters aware to vote. He said that he has sung more than 30 rap songs so far. He has been fond of singing rap songs since childhood. He will keep singing different types of rap songs in the future as well. However, he said that his dream is also getting fulfilled. He started enjoying it a lot and after getting good response from the people, he now goes to perform on big stages. In the future, he will make more raps on Maithili and Angika main languages. He will keep trying on this in the future. Taking Maithili forward will be my first priority.

Representing Purnia Through Rap Song

aditya balram bio

Aditya Balram, a resident of Satsang Vihar in Purnia Maranga, says that he has always dreamt of singing hip hop songs since childhood. He wants to do something good by going into the world of hip hop. That is why he left Bollywood and Hindi film songs and entered the world of hip hop rap songs and started rap songs. He said that till now he has written 15 to 20 different types of rap songs. He also said that through rap songs, he has sung songs based on the culture and environment of Purnia, including ward number 9 and 10 of Maranga in Purnia city.

Aditya Balram has faced a lot of difficulties in his life and he first started with dance but he did not get success in dance, then he started writing rap songs and one of his songs went viral which gave him a lot of popularity and nowadays Aditya Balram is in the headlines a lot, every

person should work hard as Aditya Balram has done, he is yet to get more success and he has said that I am going to make more rap songs and he said that surely my rap song will go viral.

Purnea’s Young Rapper Aditya Balram is in the news these days

Let us tell you that Purnea’s young rapper Aditya Balram is in the news these days, the voter awareness song sung by him is being liked a lot among the youth. Aditya is gaining a lot of fame by singing rap in the local languages Angika and Maithili. This is the reason that now the voter awareness song for Bihar Election Commission has been sung in local languages which is now on everyone’s lips.

Rapper Aditya told that he was called by Election Commission Bihar for a rap song which is releasing on 9th April, he said that it will be played in all the cinema houses by Election Commission. Aditya Balram told that since childhood he is fond of rap singing and that too in Maithili and Angika language. Aditya’s friend said that Aditya is continuously getting fame due to rap songs.

Amazing rapper made a song Purnia’s civilization, culture and history

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You will find many rappers. But this rapper from Purnia is very special. He tells about the historical importance, civilization and culture of the districts through his rap. He sang rap to represent the civilization and culture of Ward 9 and 10 of Purnia Kesatsang Bihar Maranga along with the traditions and famous and philosophical things here. Which has become popular among the people.

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Purnia’s rap singer Aditya Balram says that it took him three-four days to write this rap song. But it took him a month to prepare it completely. After which he prepared the rap song and played it for the people. People are also liking this song. He said that in this rap song, he has made a rap song by including Purnia’s famous and philosophical places Harda Bazar, ancient Shiva temple situated on the banks of Kari Kosi river, Satsang Vihar temple of Maranga and other

philosophical and famous things. He said that if he gets the support of the audience, he will continue singing rap songs in future. He will definitely do whatever is possible to represent his Purnia.

Parents are proud of their son

Rapper Aditya Balram’s father Ram Kripal Mandal, a resident of Maranga Satsang Bihar in Purnia, is a private teacher by profession and mother Bharti Devi is an ASHA worker. However, the parents expressed their happiness and said that they are happy that their son has made voters aware by singing for the country and the Election Commission. They say that their son will continue to sing good rap songs for the betterment of his country and society.

Aditya Balram’s father Ram Kripa Mandal said that my son was fond of songs and music from the very beginning. I used to support him but also told him to focus on his studies. My son was very intelligent. He used to practice music along with studies. Later I came to know that he sings rap songs. When he got popularity, I told him to always help the poor people in his life. His son Aditya Balram said that I used to work hard by staying awake all night. Today I have got some success and I will work to promote Sanskrit of Purnea in the world through my rap songs.


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