How to Promote Song On Youtube like Pro

There are millions of videos on YouTube and more than two billion people globally and you can promote music from google ads. One of the best places to host your videos and music is YouTube.

A 2019 Dataportal analysis found that 79% of online users claim to have a YouTube account.

As a result, it ranks second in popularity among social media platforms (after Facebook) and search engines (after Google).

how to grow on youtube

8 Effective Methods of Promote Song On Youtube

There are many ways to promote a song on youtube and all methods will increase views on your song/music.

Here is the 5 most effective and essential method for promoting the song on youtube.

Optimize Your Youtube Channel

You have to make your youtube channel Layout design.

Important Points to Optimize your Youtube Channel.

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  • Upload Profile picture
  • Upload Youtube Banner
  • Write Youtube Channel Description/About
  • Link Your Social Media Handles to youtube
  • Define Channel Category
  • Create Playlist
  • Get Mobile Number Verified
  • Get verified for the music channel

Verification is a goal for several platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and/or Instagram, but Youtube is the one where it might have the biggest influence. Verifying your Youtube channel frequently increases visibility and offers you special advantages that help to Promote Song On Youtube.

Invest in Google ads for Youtube

In the initial days, every artist does not get views so youtube ads are a great thing for that artist who wants to invest in getting views on a song.

In today’s era, almost every small and big artist including a big music record label is investing in youtube ads for getting views so you can use Google ads to promote song on youtube.

Create a Catchy Video Thumbnail

If your door is good then people come to your home, similarly, on youtube, every single video youtube thumbnail should be attractive.

You can create a great thumbnail for your youtube video with the help of Canva and Photoshop tools. You can also hire a freelancer from Fiverr for creating a youtube thumbnail for you.

Collab with other Artists in your genre

Make a collab song with other artists who are making a song, for example, let artist A and artist B have 100 thousand followers each if they create a solo song then only 100k followers will reach out to his song initially.

But when creating a collab song than at least 150k followers will reach out to the artist’s songs. After that both artists will gain followers from each other this is a very effective way to Promote Song On Youtube.


Many people say consistency is key to success, yes that is right even for youtube.

You Should drop youtube videos with consistency in will help to know your audience to when your videos are about to come.

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