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Krsna Rapper Birthday Wiki

Krishna Kaul is also known as KR$NA is an Indian hip-hop rapper and songwriter from Delhi, India. Early he is known as young prozpekt and he is one of the pioneer artists of desi hip hop or Indian hip-hop.

He also featured in the Bollywood movie GULLYBOY in 2019, he is first rapper of india who’s song go in the youtube trending section.

So in this article, I will provide a KR$NA rapper biography, krsna rapper real name , krsna rapper mother name etc.


Real Name:Krishna Kaul
Nickname:KR$NA, K R Dollar Sign, Young Prozpekt
Birthday:4th October 1989
Mother Name:Not Known
Father Name:Not Known
Age in 202233 Years Old
Birth Place:Delhi
Address:Gurugram, Indial
Phone Number:Not Known
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Krsna rapper biography or krsna rapper biography and krsna all songs
Krsna rapper biography and all songs list

Krsna Early life and Journey

Kr$na was born on 4th October, 1989 in New Delhi in a Kashmiri pandit family. His family went London for personal reasons and he doing his schooling from south London, England.

Then he comes to India and completes his graduation from Hansraj College Delhi. After that, he went Mumbai for completing his post-graduation from St. Xavier’s College.

Career and struggle

KR$NA started rapping at the age of 14 just to fit in the culture of his school and didn’t want to miss out on hip-hop scene of London was already there and to get the general acceptance from London kids he started rapping.

He wrote his 1st lyrics on tissue paper, he joined the local crew and started battling and soon it became an obsession. He returned to India in 2003 only to find out there was no rap scene in India . He continued his school and his college days.

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He found some friends with a common interest in hip-hop. He recorded his first song when Krsna age of 18 and later started recording and releasing the song on his myspace page in 2006.

By 2008 he gained a small local fanbase in new Delhi and racked up features with artist in the U.S and Canada.

To complete his post-graduate he moved to Mumbai and lost all small fan buzz a fanbase,he created in Delhi. He started all over again .

He started approaching labels and providing his music CDs. Kr$na got rejected by a label because his song sounded too international.

He was sad and he tried to join music labels as an intern just too see how the label works and how he can improve. He was rejected numerous times and he had to move back to Delhi.

One day he received a call from universal music for a vacancy and they wanted him to join immediately, KRSNA took emergency train tickets and moved back to Mumbai just to work as an intern with almost no stipend, within 3 months his first song was released with the label.

His first shots of success came with the release of the music video for “ KAISA MERA DESH” in 2010. Becoming the first indian hip hop song on trending page in India overnight following its release.

This song was social-political rap specifically inspired by CWG scams . He prepared that song in 2000 rupees. He also release a song titled “VIJAY” in collaboration with international NGO save the children. In 2012 he decided to do music full time.

He constantly failed to keep up with the finances and a point came he moved back to delhi.

He got job in singapore and he had to join it after 1 month interim period . He prepared 3 songs in that period and just randomly pitched it to universal music and in 2013 he signed a label deal with them and changed to KR$NA from PROZPEKT .

In 2014 , He release his debut album sellout , an all english effort on universal music with its lead single “ Last Night” peaking at #5 on the VH1 music charts in india. KR$NA became the first hip-hop artist in india to do a five city album tour with a band.

Soon their was no marketing budget for KR$NA by their label and he left all this behind and a started doing a regular job.

KR$NA did a comeback after two years of absolute no music. He came back with “vyanjan” which created storm in the scene and he got attention from everywhere.

Since there is no looking back he collaborated with RAFTAAR , was a part of gullyboy and DNH(Kalamkaar) label and now he is a silent partner and the head artist of relation department . After that he drop to many single track but and one albul Still Here .

Diss game

In 2019 he drops 3 diss track(Freeverse feast, Seedha makeover, Dum hai) for Emiway. All disstrack have proper punchlines and metaphors. But emiway didn’t give direct reply to him .

At the starting of 2020 Krsna drop a diss track for Muhfaad Titled Untitled then Muhfaad reply him with Disstrack and the biggest dissgame started in Desi hiphop and he drops another 2 diss track titled Maharani and Makasam. He shows is technicalities in these diss tracks.

KR$NA created a massive impact in the diss game. Respect for his level of technicality and metaphor that he incorporates into his equal mind-blowing lyrics.

Thre are no doubt Kr$na is one of the best lyricist rapper in india. Track such as seedha makeover and Makasam, he has shown the level of creativity and savagery that he possesses as an artist.

KRSNA all songs List

  • BLACKOUT (2006-2007)
  • F$CK WITH US (2008)
  • KHATARNAAK ( feat Sonny brown – 2010 )
  • KAISA MERA DESH (2010)
  • GET OUT OF MY WAY (2011)
  • VIJAY (2013)
  • COLD BLOODED ( Ft Twisted insane 2013)
  • HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW (2013)
  • SELLOUT(2014)
  • LAST NIGHT(2014)
  • LAST SONG (2014)
  • TRIPPING (2014)
  • ERRYDAY(2014)
  • GETTING AWAY(2014)
  • FADED(2014)
  • KEEP IT REAL (2016)
  • VYANJAN(2016)
  • MERI BARI Feat- Kidshot (2016)
  • DESI WRAP UP(2016)
  • I AM READY (2017)
  • TERE BASS KI NA HAI (2017)
  • ALAG(2017)
  • WOOFER feat Deep Kalsi (2017)
  • MUQABLA (2018)
  • WARM UP(2019)
  • NO NO ( Deep Kalsi x Harjas x Kr$na) (2019)
  • SOLO (2019)
  • AADAT(2019)
  • JANTA KYUN (2019)
  • DUM HAI (2019)
  • UNTITLED(2020)
  • MAHARANI(2020)
  • SHER ( Karma x kr$na x Harjas x Deep Kalsi 2020)
  • MAKASAM (2020)
  • QUARANTINE (young stunners x kr$na 2020)
  • DAMN (Raftaar feat Kr$na 2020)
  • DAWN (Raftaar feat Kr$na 2020)
  • BAG (Divine feat Kr$na 2020)
  • WOOFER 2 (2020) with Deep Kalsi
  • Do Khiladi Problem Bhaari (2020) with Raftaar
  • GALLAN (2020) featuring with Karma,Harjas and Deep Kalsi
  • No Loss (2020)
  • Say my Name (hindi and english version both) (2020)
  • Baap Se ( Feat. Fotty Seven) (2020)
  • Bohot Kuch (2020)
  • Living Legeng (2020)
  • Crossroads (2021)

Some Facts About Krsna

  • Krsna aka KR$NA is a Pioneer Hip-hop artist of India, he started rap in 2002.
  • Krsna started listening to rap songs in 1998 .
  • Krsna can rap in English as well as hindi.
  • Krsna is the first rapper who makes a song on Hindi Alphabet titled Vyanjan.
  • Krsna also featured in the Bollywood movie Gullyboy.
  • Krsna is also a partner of the music label Kalamkaar.
  • Krsna is the first rapper from India whose rap song goes in the youtube trending section.
  • Krsna was signed at the music label Universal Music in 2013-2014.
  • Krsna collabs with Pakistani hip-hop artists Talha Anjum and Talha Yunus.
  • Krsna Rapper’s age became 31 years on 4th October 2022. So Krishna rapper age is 31 year and 2 months.
  • KR$NA was the first and only Rapper in India who make a song in Hindi and English version, the song is “Say My Name”.
  • Krsna (rapper) ‘s full name is Krishna Kaul.

Krsna also Announced his Second Album Still Here, This album has 8 Songs . At the end of this article I have only one Request from you please comment down your opinion on Krsna and his best songs.

What is Krsna Rapper real name?

Krsna Rapper Real Name is Krishna Kaul.

What is Krsna Rapper Mother Name?

Not Known.

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  1. KRSHNA is the real OG of the indian hiphop
    Actually we don’t deserve him ,he should be known internationally and I’m damn sure he will one day, till then let’s just watch his uniqueness and creativity


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