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MTV Hustle 2.0 All Songs List

Introducing the 26+ MTV Hustle 2.0 song list with details like rapper name and lyrics.

MTV Hustle 2.0 started on September 3rd, 2022 with 20+ rappers participating in this hip-hop reality show and they performed their best.

mtv hustle all song

In today’s post, you will get MTV Hustle 2.0 all-rap song list with lyrics. So let’s begin!

MTV Hustle 2.0 All Songs

  1. BT Ho Gayi by Paradox
  2. Bharosha Nahi by Mc Headshot
  3. Fake Gareebi by Wicked Sunny
  4. Azaadi
  5. Badmosh Chora by MC Square
  6. HusnPari by UK Rapi Boy
  7. Dukandaar by Gravity
  8. Heavy Driver by Nazz
  9. Beizzati Kara di by KullarG
  10. Nauvaari Lyrics QK
  11. Seekh by Shlovij
  12. Paagal Hai by LXSH
  13. Show Me Some Respect
  14. Kaalarism by Spectra
  15. Char Guna by Supermanikk
  16. Ham Bhi Kya kam hai by UNB
  17. She Likes My Momo by UNB
  18. Umar Meri 26 by Shlovij
  19. Naari by RHYME
  20. Lady Don
  21. Chasmey by Panther
  22. Boy Of Mirzapur by Aapka Bobby
  23. Classic Thug
  24. Dummies Guide To Mumbai by Srusti Tawde
  25. Gadar by Panther
  26. Brain Freeze by GD 47
  27. Gang Waale Munde by Paradox
  28. Sexy Lag Raha Tha by Wicked Sunny
  29. Raam Raam by MC Square
  30. Chaplin by Supermanikk
  31. Lump Sum by Spectra
  32. Loaded Hai Scene by LXSH
  33. Upar Neeche by KhullarG
  34. UP Se by Panther
  35. Meri Marzi by MC Headshot
  36. Chill Kinda Guy by Shrusti Tawde
  37. Bipolar by GD 47
  38. Maut Ka Manzar by Gravity
  39. Draupadi by QK
  40. Sapne by UK Rapi Boy
  41. Sadko Pe by Nazz
  42. Agar Mai Hota Bhagwan by Nazz
  43. EK Tha Kauvva by Shrusti Tawde
  44. Bas Ek Baar by Panther
  45. POV by GD 47
  46. Aadha Gyan by MC Square
  47. Asli Hero by Wicked Sunny.
  48. Main Kon by RHYME
  49. Ami Tomake
  50. Toothpick
  51. Pahadi Gang
  52. Mai Jaanu Na
  53. Aur Kon Hoga
  54. Bantai Se Banta
  55. Don’t Follow
  56. Khush Hoon Mai Bohot
  57. Bhoj
  58. Bhasad
  59. Jaadugar
  60. Dubai Ka Seikh
  61. PTSD
  62. Santaali
  63. Raaja Raji
  64. Johny Johny Yes Papa
  65. PCO Wala Pyaar
  66. Rooh
  67. Bata De
  68. Sho Sha
  69. Konchiwala
MTV Hustle 2.0 All rapper List
MTV Hustle 2.0 Judges Name

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