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Mc Stan  is an indipendent Indian Hiphop Rappers or Emcee. His Real Name is Altaf Saikh. Mc Stan was Born on 30th August 1999 in Pune, Maharastra, India. Now he is a popular Indian rapper or hip-hop artist.

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Mc Stan Wiki – Mc Stan Biography

Mc Stan is an Indian  Emcee(rapper), lyricist, music composer, music producer and mix master engineer (Hip-Hop Artist). Mc Stan raps in the Hindi Language, His music makes him different from other rappers. In hiphop term Mc stan doing New School Hiphop.

Mc Stan say that he is not doing rapping , he is an Emcee and he control Mic.

Emcee Stan says than he wan in class 6th then he listen first rap song. But that time he was not understanding English too much then he join English classes then he start understanding English rap song. In class 8th he starting rapping.

Mc Stan Got Famous from his Song Wata in 2018 and than he release a disstrack for Emiway Bantai titled “Khuja Mat” . Mc Stan  Khuja Mat get more than 24 million views on youtube.

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After the releasing of Wata and Khuja Mat some people starting trolling him but when he release song like  Astagfirrullah then  people understand Mc Stan and start supporting him. Now Mc Stan Have Huge fan base from all over india and Pakistan. 

Indian rapper Raftaar give shoutout to Mc Stan on his song ” Proud “. Raftaar tells in a podcast with Rohan Cariappa that “Mc stan Is Hero Of indian HipHop”.  

Indian Rapper Ikka also always appreciate Mc Stan For his music, and many indian rapper also support Mc Stan.

Mc stan Instagram and Mc Stan spotify

There are total 196k followers on Mc Stan Instagram account and more than 848k subscribers on Youtube. On Facebook, Mc Stan Have more than 714 followers.

MC Stan Spotify account have Monthly listeners.

Mc Stan all song list – Mc stan rap song List

Mc Stan release more than 11 track on music streaming platform so far. He release four track from his album Tadipaar .  Here is the list of Mc Stan all rap song List.

Song NameDetails
Khuja MatDisstrack
Khajwe VichaarSingle
Yede Ki chadarSingle
Dil Pe Mat LeSingle
Hosh Mai AaTadipaar
Ek Din PyaarTadipaar
Mc Stan song List

Mc Stan Interview

Mc stan give an interview to Raaj Jones. This interview video is available on Raaj Jones youtube channel. You can watch this full interview here.

Mc Stan Girlfriend

Mc Stan girlfriend name is Niya . She got also featured on Mc Stan Khuja Mat song. Niya is also a rapper from pune, Mumbai.

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Mc Stan vs Emiway

Mc Stan got beef with rapper Emiway. Mc stan drop two Disstrack for Emiway and Emiway aslo reply him in his song. But Later Mc Stan says that Emiway is cousin brother.

Some Question and answer about Mc Stan

Q. What is the Age of Mc Stan?

21 year old in 2020.

Q. When Emcee Stan listen first rap song?

When he was in 6th class, he listen first rap song.

Q. Who is the inspiration of Mc Stan?


Q. When Mc Stan started rapping?

Emcee Stan started rapping when he was in Class 8th.

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